UNISIST (UNESCO's World Scientific Information Programme) was an international program aimed at the facilitation of scientific information. ISSN-numbering as well as the BSO classification are among the results of the work of this program. UNISIST published a manual for bibliographic description aimed at documentation databases (Dierickx & Hopkinson, 1986), which deviating from AACR2. Another result of the program is the UNISIST model of information dissemination.


Tell (1995) outlines the history of the MARC-format which is compared to the UNISIST Reference Manual, which is being used by major abstracting services. Tell expresses a critical attitude towards the MARC-format, which he find costly in use of manpower and which contains much redundant information. In spite of this suppresses the MARC-format authors because third, fourth and following authors just are expressed by "et al.", while, for example, Physics Abstracts and Science Citation Index have records listing all 32 authors of a document.





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